Is It Time For New RAM?

If you're not much of a tech person, it may seem like the computer world is full of acronyms. Even worse, you'll find that people in the know will often use different terms to describe the same thing. Computer memory is one common point of confusion for many users who may not know their CPUs from their GPUs. In modern machines, memory typically refers to random access memory (RAM). This critical component allows your computer to function, and it can cause a variety of problems when it begins to fail.

How Computer Support Services Can Be a Lifesaver for Your Company

If you manage a business that has a lot of people using computers for whatever reason then you should consider getting a computer support partner who can help manage all the tricky problems that will arise. Computers can be extremely frustrating machines to use if errors pop up that you are not familiar with or when they simply refuse to work for whatever reason. Computer support contractors offer a range of different services that can make sure you do not struggle for a second longer than necessary.

2 Unique Perks of Cable TV Service Subscriptions

The addition of cable TV services to your home comes with access to all kinds of channels, but you can take advantage of other perks through the connections. The perks will naturally expand the value of your TV package and give you more entertainment options. Learn about the perks and how you can easily take advantage of them through a cable TV provider. 1. App Connections When you subscribe to a cable TV service, you unlock a large collection of networks and cable channels.