2 Unique Perks of Cable TV Service Subscriptions

The addition of cable TV services to your home comes with access to all kinds of channels, but you can take advantage of other perks through the connections. The perks will naturally expand the value of your TV package and give you more entertainment options. Learn about the perks and how you can easily take advantage of them through a cable TV provider.

1. App Connections

When you subscribe to a cable TV service, you unlock a large collection of networks and cable channels. Not only do those channels provide you with live programming through their cable access, but you also gain access to television channel apps.

App connections feature on-demand content, exclusive shows, and live programming. You can connect to the apps through phones, computers, and tablets — giving you access to your cable TV services on the go.

When you download an app for a specific channel, you will simply need to log into your cable service account to link the two and access content. A cable TV service will provide you with the account information when you first sign up for the service.

From there on, you can access the app and the service will automatically log you in. If you have a smart TV, you may find the same apps built-in so you can enjoy extra content unlocked with the cable subscription. In some cases, the app content may have commercial-free content or on-demand programs with fewer commercials.

2. Retro Console Connections

A cable TV box features both old and new technology. The coaxial cable still provides smooth data connections for video content, while HDMI output provides clear footage for 4K content and shows. Using the connections, you have the opportunity to connect retro consoles directly to your cable box.

Older consoles like the original Nintendo Entertainment System use a coaxial cable adapter. You can connect the adapter to the coaxial cable that goes into a cable TV box. With a direct connection, you do not need to purchase extra adapters or cords.

The HDMI connection can help improve the visuals of the original console graphics and you also have options to enhance the graphics. When the console is powered on, it will overlay over the cable connection and also include the natural sound elements. If newer televisions do not have a coaxial input, the connection through a cable box may be the best way to access older consoles.

To learn more, contact a cable TV provider and ask about their perks.