Here's Why You Need Security Cameras Installed In Your Commercial Property

Training your employees on being alert and aware of security issues at the workplace is important. Additionally, installing security cameras at your business premises is vital as they boost security. They are a cost-effective and efficient way of securing your business as they enable remote monitoring of activities at the premises. 

The Common Type Of Security Camera 

The most common and widely used camera installation in business premises is the closed circuit television (CCTV). They are reliable and durable and operate in diverse weather conditions during the day and night to ensure your business is always protected. 

CCTV for Video Surveillance 

CCTVs are commonly used in commercial security to monitor the inside and outside of business premises. You can choose to have stationary cameras or mount them on a rotating dome. These security cameras are linked to a recording system allowing remote viewing when connected to the internet. Modern security cameras have a high-definition providing you and law enforcement officers with clear footage and images of intruders. You can use CCTV cameras to monitor live video feeds or have recorded footage you can access and check later. 

Benefits of Installing Security Cameras

Installing security cameras results in several benefits, including: 

Save on Insurance

Security cameras save you from theft and high business insurance premiums. Insurance companies are strategic when determining the premiums to charge businesses. Commercial entities with security cameras are charged lower premiums because the chances of theft are minimal. When you install security cameras, contact your insurance provider for a discount on your premiums. 

Improve Employee Productivity

As an employer, you can monitor your employees remotely, ensuring they work as expected. That ensures they do the right thing at the right time, boosting their productivity. You also enjoy peace of mind and save time since you don't have to physically supervise what your employees are doing, allowing you to attend meetings and run other errands. You can also access the footage remotely from your phone or laptop. Additionally, the cameras improve customer experience by making them feel safe. 


If damage to property or a crime occurs, the footage from the system's recording helps the police to solve it. It provides crucial details such as the items stolen, time, location, and the people involved. Moreover, in case of damage to property, such as a hit-and-run situation at the parking lot, the footage will also show the perpetrator allowing the police to arrest them and make them accountable for the damage. You can also use the footage to process an insurance claim.

Bottom Line

A commercial security camera installation has several benefits, including enhanced security, discounted insurance premiums, record keeping, and an improved customer experience. Contact a commercial security camera installation company like Right Angle Technology for more information on commercial security systems.