Common Repair Mistakes And How They Can Affect Your Laptop

If you take your laptop into a computer repair shop, and the repair is quite simple, you expect to get the computer back with no problems. This is pretty typical of any computer repair services. However, if you decide to fix your laptop yourself, such as a cracked screen, your entire laptop should not go completely screwy after you have made the repairs. If it does, first check for one of the following common repair mistakes, and then see what you can do to get your laptop back on track.

Installing the Wrong Screen

Many laptops use screens with model numbers that are only one-digit up or down in product number. When the wrong screen is installed, the clarity of the screen or the pixelation may be off. When the business you order parts from shows this to you, ask them to check the part number against the laptop manufacturer and serial number. If you have one of those laptop screens that is one digit off from another screen model, this may be the problem. Ordering and using the correct screen model should clear this up.

Laptop Screen Loads to Black

This can be a really infuriating problem, especially if your laptop was working just fine when you started working on it and now it has this issue. There are actually some operating systems that, for a time, created absolute havoc on all the laptops and computers on which it was installed. (One such example is Windows 10, which had so many major bugs when it debuted that thousands of people ended up with expensive paperweights rather than computers and laptops.) If your laptop was purchased right before these updated operating systems were installed in newer laptops, your laptop may update automatically while you are in the midst of repairing it or just afterwards.

If the update does not work with your current operating system, your laptop will suddenly load to a black screen. If that happens, you may need to involve some professional help. The updated OS may be exactly what caused this issue, especially if your laptop is older and did not come out of the box with the newer OS already installed. Ask the repair person, such as at Colorado Computers, to back up your data, then wipe the system of the updated OS, and then reload the original OS you had on your laptop. While you are at it, you may want him/her verify that the repairs you made are correct.