Maximize Performance Among Your Customer Service Reps With These Tools And Services

An important aspect of managing a customer service call center is ensuring that employee production levels remain high from minute to minute – one lost phone call or missed task can mean losing a customer when all is said and done. Setting forth performance requirements and expectations creates a solid base to work from, but to ensure that performance opportunities aren't missed by your customer service representatives, you may want to consider incorporating the following tools and services into the workplace:

Remote Computer Repair

While a computer is broken, your customer service representative can't do their job, which means that they're on the clock without providing any services in return. So it is in your company's best interest to get that computer working again as soon as possible. An effective way to ensure that the computers on your customer service floor are always in tip top shape is to invest in a remote computer repair service from a company like iTOK

This type of service will allow your employee to work in real-time with a virtual repair technician who can gain access to the working of the computer system and fix things like adware takeovers, slow start ups, and unwanted website redirections. Remote technicians should also be able to install software updates, activate or repair identification protection settings, and troubleshoot windows operating errors.

A Company Intranet System

Maintaining a company intranet system is a great way to make sure that your customer service representatives are always on the same page and have updated access to things like training tools, company announcements, schedule changes, and product introductions. The intranet can be accessed by employees right from their desk so they can stay connected to the latest information and updates while they work.

A company intranet system offers a variety of benefits for your employees to take advantage of, such as access to team building and sales training blogs and the ability to communicate with managers and trainers in real-time. You only need to purchase and configure a web server to host your intranet, making it a cost effective tool that is sure to pay for itself in the long run.

Internet Access Limitations

Having unlimited access to the Internet can become a problem among customer service representatives because social media, personal blogs, and shopping sites can quickly distract employees and reduce the rate at which they answer calls or complete other tasks. To maintain high performance levels, it's a good idea to limit access to Internet options on employee computers.

By limiting Internet access, you'll limit employee distractions and protect their computers from malware, spyware, and hacking. To make things easy, you can simply limit access on employee computers to the internal intranet, customer accounts, and websites that relate directly to your business. You can also provide additional access to employees based on their work responsibilities – for example, your call center managers may need some access to the Internet for research tasks.

Morning Team Meetings

An effective way to motivate your customer service team is to incorporate morning meetings into their daily schedules. Managers can host the meetings and take the opportunity to provide important updates, recognize exceptional work habits, and provide service or sales training as ongoing education. These meetings also provide your managers with an opportunity to act as cheerleaders by getting representatives in a good mood and pumping them up for a good day on the phones.

These tools and services are easy to implement and won't cost you a fortune to put into place. You'll find that most employees will respond to their new tool offerings positively because they don't require much effort to manage on their part.